Executive Positions & Duties


Officers of the Association


Duties of the President

1.     Call meetings as often as needed.
2.     Arrange the golf schedule prior to the season start.  Schedules to be printed prior to the start of the season and posted on the website.
3.     Deal with concerns or requests of Club owners.
4.     Prepare a website that is available to all players.
5.     Ensure, with the other members of the executive, that all members concerns are met, where possible.
6.     Oversee all aspects of the golfing season.
7.     Call an election when needed.  Accept nominations.
8.     To chair all the meetings of association when decisions may be discussed and/or made.

Duties of the Secretary

1.     To take the minutes of each meeting, and ensure that each member of the executive receives a copy.
2.     To organize the minutes of each meeting and prepare a report which will be made available to the President and Treasurer as soon as possible.
NOTE:  Some meetings, of an immediate nature, may be called. E.g. At the end of a golf date when a particular concern has arisen.  The subject of this meeting will be included in the minutes of the next regular meeting.
3.      When required, to make a report concerning a meeting of all members.  E.g. At an annual dinner when a decision has been presented and voted on by all members and a decision has been made.
4.     The Secretary and the Treasurer will jointly sell membership cards each year and assign a number to each member.(number to be on each card)

Duties of the Treasurer

1.    The Secretary and Treasurer will jointly sell membership cards each year and assign a number to each member. (number to be on each card)
2.    Arrange a bank account to which all Association money will be deposited.
3.    First Golf Date of Each Season:
   -To organize the opening date
- To check that all members have current membership cards
4.    To give leadership in arranging a closing dinner.
5.    Annual Report:
     -To prepare a financial report at the end of each season
      -To make the report available to the executive as soon as possible
      -To make the report available to the members
6.      To handle all monies collected by the Association and to see that all debts are paid immediately.
7.    Run special golf activities.
Joint Duties of All Executive Members

1.    To help on opening day
2.    To help each other in activities when requests are made.

Part B:
To Ensure That The Membership is aware of its responsibilities during the season:
1.    Each executive member will have a team to assist in “Tee Placements” (may be other members of his foursome), who will be present, when required, to give Tee Placements to each member.  These members will be provided an occasional activity, at a reasonable cost to the membership accounts, in appreciation for their services.
2.    To ensure that play, during regular golfing dates, proceed at a suitable rate, and when necessary, to make suggestions to groups of players.
3.    To assist each other in performances of duties, whenever requested.